Dr. Larson’s™ Dehorning Paste


Apply to stop horn growth before it starts.

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Apply to stop horn growth before it starts. Apply once off between 3 days to 8 weeks. One tube dehorns 24 calves (48 horns).

  • Safer and less invasive than dehorning saws and gouging dehorners
  • Specialty tip allows precise application of the paste onto horn bud
  • Syringe applicator minimizes exposure of user to dehorning paste
  • Multi-DoseSyringe applicator applies a consistent, uniform amount with little waste
  • Easy to administer
  • Dehorns approximately 24 calves per tube
  • Recommended for calves 1 day to 8 weeks old (the earleir the better)

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Large (48 Horns), Small (22 Horns)


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